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Quick entry into new markets

You are trying to make the jump to the US market. The company’s capital and your personal reputation is on the line when you consider selling in an unknown market with an unknown brand to unknown prospects. Can you really do it yourself? Does your international distributor really have the logistical expertise and sales acumen to master the US market?


Speed to market has little to do with delivery trucks. It’s about people uncovering opportunities before they knock and knowing how to capitalize on every one. When you’re ready to invest in an overseas strategy, partner with the US raw material and ingredient distributor who has already paved the way for companies like yours.

Palmer Holland Advantage

  • 90+ year knowledge of US marketplace
  • Work alongside tier 1 manufacturers
  • EU-based office and warehouse
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • 3-person account teams for all accounts

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Just like today’s business climate, you too must be ever-changing. Whether you’re looking to enhance sales results, increase operational efficiencies, or even enter the US market, Palmer Holland has the solution you’re looking for. Let us perform a market analysis for you. The results may be surprising.

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