The Fun Stuff

We are a diverse group of more than 100 individuals spread across the U.S. All with unique but interesting personalities that come together to work effectively as one.

We like being good at what we do

We have built a sustainable organization of professional and knowledgeable people who go the extra step to get to know you – giving you a better distribution solution that helps your business grow.

Dependably Independent

Palmer Holland is a diverse group who offers a better distribution solution to help your business grow

We’re easy to work with

We have learned that it is best to remove the red tape and roll out the red carpet with flexible programs like dedicated inventories, next-day shipping and convenient payment terms. In short, you’ll find us easy to work with.

We’re mixing it up

Though we are easy to work with we’re not pushovers. We don’t mind mixing it up and thinking a little bit differently. We break convention; we go outside the lines and sometimes make our own rules to uncover the best solutions for you.