Cost Reductions and
Operational Efficiencies are Needed

Eliminate channel complexity

You need to gain market advantages over your competitors while still providing the same quality of service to your customers. Insourcing of logistics and small volumes doesn’t solve the problem and places constraints on your working capital. Complexity in your product lines, minimum batch size, and diverse product/package combinations restricts you from servicing certain markets resulting in lost opportunities.


How do we fix this? With more than 90 years of experience, we analyze your business to uncover performance gaps. Our data-driven culture establishes sales goals and validates improvements to eliminate those gaps. Our financial strength allows us to focus on customer needs and not inventory turns; we make our own rules. With all this flexibility available to you, Palmer Holland is your simplified channel strategy.

Palmer Holland Advantage

  • Enhanced buying techniques to reduce cost
  • Dedicated business intelligence and marketing consulting approach
  • Improved accounts payable alongside greater inventory flexibility
  • Statistical forecasting allowing for inventory reductions on lower volume products
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Are you ahead of these problems?

Let’s get started.

Just like today’s business climate, you too must be ever-changing. Whether you’re looking to enhance sales results, increase operational efficiencies, or even enter the US market, Palmer Holland has the solution you’re looking for. Let us perform a market analysis for you. The results may be surprising.

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