KRONOS is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of titanium dioxide and has been operating as an international company for more than 90 years. The group owes its significant market position to the quality of its products, innovation, technical experience and reliable customer service around the world. Titanium dioxide pigments are used in paints and coatings, plastics, paper, building materials, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and many other commercial products.


ITM03190, ITM03200, ITM03256, ITM03257, ITM03258, ITM16772, ITM19458

KRONOS 2310 is a high-performing, all-round pigment with excellent tinting strength and hiding power. It shows outstanding weather resistance, as well as very good dispersing properties and color stability. It can be used in waterborne and solvent-based systems and also for all outdoor applications.


  • White and tinted automotive finishes and vehicle refinish systems
  • Coil coatings and radiation-curing finishes
  • Powder coatings
  • Waterborne paints
  • High-quality industrial coatings


KRONOS 2310 titanium dioxide
  • imparts maximum brightness and a neutral tone in white coatings
  • produces brilliant, clean tints
  • is readily dispersed and meets all requirements of modern production methods
  • gives very high hiding power and is thus economical in use
  • produces low-haze, high-gloss coatings
  • is suitable for all paints and coatings for outdoor use