Palmer Holland.
A perfect match.

Working at Palmer Holland is different. We are people-focused and make sure every new associate has a dedicated mentor and planned training. This hands-on attention directly translates to the reputation we have built with our customers and principal partners.

We look for people who love life and learning, and have the desire to see the big picture for a satisfying and successful career. The Palmer Holland work culture is based on a simple mantra;

Have Fun. Be Healthy. Do Your Job.

We want our employees to foster a positive, constructive workplace environment by following our core values of communication, cooperation, teamwork, keep it simple, no politics and quality. Basically, enjoy what you do!

Dependably Independent

We support a healthy lifestyle for our employees and their families. Spend time together. Exercise. Get enough rest. Take care of yourself.

And finally, we expect employees to give their best efforts to their daily tasks and to take every opportunity to:

  • Learn something new;
  • Teach a new skill; and
  • Contribute in a positive manner to the company culture.
Work with Palmer Holland!

What Our People Have to Say

“Palmer Holland's core values, especially teamwork, are not just 'lip service.' The company invests time and effort into making sure the overall culture is cohesive.”

“Open communication and strong support, backed up with an unparalleled commitment to staying ahead of the competition, are core.”

“The ability to be creative, entrepreneurial and successful is available. Work hard, play hard.”

“Palmer Holland employees love their job because of the people. Palmer Holland provides everyone excellent training to succeed and prosper in their position.”

“Listen and absorb everything, as the amount of experience and knowledge showcased here is incredible.”

“The Palmer Holland culture is like an extended family. Everybody is here to support everybody else. The goal is to make the working portion of your life as enjoyable as possible.”

“The Palmer Holland culture is goal oriented, believes in hard work and is able to enjoy the fruits of the work. It is like no other.”

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