R&D Innovation
Lacks Market Traction

Unparalleled customer intelligence

Because of your relationship with your direct customers, you have knowledge of their R&D cycles; however, that’s not why your innovation pipeline had grown stagnant. The targeting of new product introductions becomes unclear because of missed opportunities to understand just what the entire spectrum of the market needs.


Customer intelligence is more than a yes or no. It’s detailed. You already know what drives your largest customers’ R&D because they are driving yours. Let us teach you about the broader market’s wants and needs. With a national footprint, we have the resources available to enhance your innovation strategy with clear customer intelligence to drive your product development.

Palmer Holland Advantage

  • Increased frequency of customer R&D meetings
  • Reduction in new product launch implementation time
  • Identification of two new market opportunities annually for existing product lines
  • Execution on transformational market efforts
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Are you ahead of these problems?

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Just like today’s business climate, you too must be ever-changing. Whether you’re looking to enhance sales results, increase operational efficiencies, or even enter the US market, Palmer Holland has the solution you’re looking for. Let us perform a market analysis for you. The results may be surprising.

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