Customer Satisfaction Levels
are Less than Desirable

Retain business and increase growth

Your customer satisfaction level has a direct impact on your ability to retain repeat business and continue your growth. You know that it is easier and more cost effective to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one. But does your organization function that way? Unfortunately many companies lose sight of this fact which increases the hurdles to your business growth. In an era of sell-offs and acquisitions, you can’t afford to lose customers due to underperforming services.


Palmer Holland recognizes that the industry’s buying process has changed in a major way. Each customer has its own unique buying journey which often includes teams of decision makers rather than an individual. It’s our ability to adapt to each customer that allows us to build long-standing relationships. Our entire organization is dedicated to transparency and increased customer satisfaction online, over the phone, and face-to-face.

Palmer Holland Advantage

  • Continuous improvement focusing on customer experience
  • Sales staffing allows for high call frequency
  • Benchmark attrition rate across the sales organization
  • Key Account Teams for large accounts
  • 3-person account teams for all accounts
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Are you ahead of these problems?

Let’s get started.

Just like today’s business climate, you too must be ever-changing. Whether you’re looking to enhance sales results, increase operational efficiencies, or even enter the US market, Palmer Holland has the solution you’re looking for. Let us perform a market analysis for you. The results may be surprising.

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