The LANXESS Lubricant Additives Business offers products for all kinds of lubrication solutions. From synthetic base fluids to single additives to additive packages, the high-performance products lubricate all kinds of engines, machinery and transportation equipment.



Water soluble additive with excellent lubricity for water miscible metal working fluids.



Additin RC 5010 provides excellent lubricity performance and furthermore good EP- and AW-performance. Additin RC 5010 is used for cutting processes as well as for forming processes. Typical treatment levels in water miscible concentrates are 5 to 20 %.

Some metal working processes require total oil-free metal working fluids to optimize following cleaning and coating processes. In these applications oil-free metal working solutions with Additin RC 5010 also perform a good lubricity like common metal working emulsions and are easy to wash off.


  • Fully synthetic metal working fluids (oil-free)
  • Semi-sythetic metal working fluids (low oil content)
  • Emulsifiable metal working fluids (soluble oils)
  • Substitution of emulsions by oil-free aqueous solutions