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Associative Thickener-HEAT
ITM03559, ITM18395

VOC-free associative thickener based on a patented HEAT technology for aqueous architectural coatings. Viscosity retention on tinting.


OPTIFLO TVS is a non-ionic, hydrophobe modified polymer designed especially for thickening dispersion paints and aqueous lacquer systems used for tinting systems.. OPTIFLO TVS (tinted viscosity stabilizer) is used in various dispersions such as styrene acrylates, pure acrylates, polyvinyl acetates, and others, as well as in alkyd and epoxy emulsions; in emulsions, an anti-sagging effect is provided in addition to thickening.

 OPTIFLO TVS-VF is transparent and colourless. The use of OPTIFLO TVS-VF
· Improves the viscosity stability upon tinting
· Reduces spatter
· Provides higher layer thicknesses in one pass
· Improves the water resistance against blister formation
· Reduces / avoids syneresis
· Helps to prevent sedimentation
· Provides better sag control

Recommended Levels

Depending on the desired rheological properties and the formulation of the paint, 0.3-2.0% of OPTIFLO TVS-VF is added as supplied.

The above recommended levels can be used for orientation. Optimal levels are determined through a series of laboratory tests.