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ITM04873, ITM04874

VOC-free inorganic additive on the basis of aluminum oxide nanoparticles for aqueous architectural, industrial, wood and furniture coatings, and car polishes to improve scratch resistance.


Coatings Industry

NANOBYK-3603 significantly improves the scratch resistance of aqueous coating systems, without having a negative impact on properties such as gloss and transparency. As the aluminum oxide nanoparticles are very small, it is even suitable for highly transparent and high-gloss coatings, and can be used in clear or pigmented systems. Even low levels of NANOBYK-3603 provide long-term protection against scratching. NANOBYK-3603 can be utilized in aqueous coatings and in aqueous, radiation-curable systems, and also in acrylate dispersions, self-crosslinking acrylate dispersions, styrene acrylate dispersions, urethane acrylate dispersions, and aliphatic polyester polyurethane dispersions.

Recommended Use
  • Architectural coatings
  • Industrial coatings
  • Wood and furniture coatings



NANOBYK-3603 significantly improves the scratch resistance of aqueous car polishes.