BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments. As a globally operating specialty chemicals company, BYK has production sites in Wesel, Kempen, Moosburg and Schkopau (Germany), Deventer and Denekamp (Netherlands), Widnes (UK), Wallingford, Chester, Gonzales, Louisville (USA) and Tongling (China).


ITM04114, ITM04115

Adhesion promoter for solvent-borne and aqueous systems applied to metallic substrates.


Coatings Industry

The neutralized, acidic groups of the silicone-free adhesion promoter create a strong affinity, in particular to metallic substrates, and improve adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and also to glass. BYK-4509 reacts with melamine resins and polyisocyanates and is bound into the polymer matrix through this. It is compatible with most binders and is therefore ideal for universal use. It can be utilized in aqueous and solvent-borne coatings. BYK-4509 is recommended first and foremost for use in baking systems and 2 K systems. In solvent-borne, acid-catalyzed systems, it has no influence on cross-linking. In aqueous systems, BYK-4509 shows very good pH stability.

Recommended Use
  • Can coatings
  • Coil coatings
  • Industrial coatings
  • Protective coatings