BYK Additives & Instruments is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of additives and measuring instruments. As a globally operating specialty chemicals company, BYK has production sites in Wesel, Kempen, Moosburg and Schkopau (Germany), Deventer and Denekamp (Netherlands), Widnes (UK), Wallingford, Chester, Gonzales, Louisville (USA) and Tongling (China).


ITM04020, ITM04021

Substrate wetting agent and leveling agent based on a silicone acrylate copolymer for solvent-borne coating systems. Strong reduction of the surface tension combined with very good recoatability.


Coatings Industry

The additive generally provides a strong reduction in the surface tension of the wet coating, which improves substrate wetting and prevents cratering. It also improves leveling. BYK-3550 exhibits a different range of properties depending on the polarity of the system. In polar coatings, it shows an excellent compatibility, which enables homogeneous distribution in the film. In non-polar systems, BYK-3550 has a slight incompatibility, which results in a concentration at the surface of the coating.

Polar systems:
The influence on the surface energy of the cured coating film is negligible. Therefore surface slip is not increased and the recoatability and adhesion of protective foils and adhesives is improved. BYK-3550 can be used in the complete coating structure, from the primer to the top coat. The additive also improves the orientation of matting agents.

Non-polar systems:
BYK-3550 improves the anti-blocking properties, without influencing the recoatability or the gloss.

Recommended Uses
  • Industrial coatings
  • Automotive coatings
  • Architectural coatings
  • Can coatings
  • Coil coatings