Arkema's acrylic-based impact modifiers are designed to deliver optimum cost and performance in rigid and flexible PVC applications for siding, fence, deck, rail, pipe and injection molding applications.


ITM19372, ITM19926, ITM20160

Clearstrength® XT100 is a MMA-butadiene-styrene (MBS) core-shell impact modifier designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements of thermoset applications such as structural adhesives and high performance composites.

Typical Physical Properties

Thanks to its unique and patented technology, Clearstrength® XT100 powder is easily dispersible in most liquid resin systems and exhibits a limited impact on the viscosity of the host resin system while providing an outstanding toughening effect in a wide range of service temperatures.

Product Benefits
  • Easily dispersed into most liquid thermosetting resins at very low shear rates
  • Exceptional toughening and mechanical property performance in thermoset systems
  • The high dispersion efficiency means you can maximize toughener loading levels in the resin matrix and retain short dispersion times
  • Does not significantly raise viscosity of the resin matrix compared to competing toughening technologies

Discover Clearstrength® XT100 performance advantages in this short video!