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ITM11516, ITM11682

3M paint primer concentrate HC-913 is a non pigmented, liquid acrylate polymer ethyl acetate solvent.

Suggested Applications
Recommended uses are as primer over galvanized metal, aluminum and plastics. HC-913 concentrate generally works as a primer for paints in which the HC-913 resin is insoluble, such as latex paints and those whose solvent is of the mineral spirits type. HC-913 concentrate is a thermo-plastic resin which is permanently tacky, so it needs no cure time and is ready for overcoating as soon as the solvent evaporates.

HC-913 concentrate is usually diluted to brushable or sprayable consistency (3–6% non-volatile) with a solvent mixture whose wetting, evaporation, and substrate interaction properties are suitable for the intended substrate. Since it is known that residual processing oil and mold release agent can leave a surface non-wettable by the coating, HC-913 concentrate may be compounded with a solvent which will help to displace these materials. Over plastics, it may be helpful to include a solvent which slightly softens the surface. A dye may be added to help the user determine completeness of coverage.

We cannot overstate the advisability of testing the formulation on the substrate with the intended overcoat system. It may not be possible to predict interaction between formulations containing this product and the surfaces on which they are applied as well as with subsequent layers, therefor its suitability must be determined by the user.  This includes testing to validate the application method and evaluation of the final appearance and other properties of the coating system.