Palmer Holland Is Hiring!

Palmer Holland is looking for an Information Technology Services Manager. 


Job Description

Essential tasks of the position include:

  • Managing an IT team of 3-4 individuals
  • Developing policies and approaches for computing and information technology
  • Advising management on strategic systems conversions and integrations
  • Ensuring security of sensitive information
  • Establishing company infrastructure
  • Supporting your team in all IT efforts



  • Four-year degree in technology/computer science is required; Master’s Degree preferred  
  • A minimum of five years related work experience is required and familiarity with any of the following systems would be helpful:
    • Sage CRM and Sage ERP X3, Microsoft Outlook & Exchange, Mobile Platforms, Lotus Notes, and MangoApps
  • Experience in team or project management is preferred, but not required

If you think you are a fit for this position and want to work with the great people at Palmer Holland, please submit your resume through the Palmer Holland website at

Palmer Holland Hires New Account Manager in California

Kevin Monti has joined the Palmer Holland team as an Account Manager from Los Angeles, California. His territory includes California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

Monti began his career in the coatings industry in 1994 with Specialty Coatings - now
Becker Industrial Coatings - working in manufacturing, R&D and technical sales.  He worked as an outside sales rep for Sherwin-Williams before joining a startup green solvent manufacturer, Vertec BioSolvents, as the Director of Product Technology and Marketing. Monti has spent the last year as Director of Sales and Marketing at Andrews Electronics.

Monti resides in the Los Angeles area and holds a bachelor's degree in business and an MBA with concentrations in international business and finance.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 440-686-2300 or click here to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!



Bianca Nitsche Can Play Golf at Her Work

By Bianca Nitsche
Translated from German to English by Bianca Nitsche

Bianca Nitsche, from Argenbühl, Germany, is living in the USA since August 2014. She is a participant of the Congress-Bundest Youth Exchange Program for Young Professionals. Bianca visited a college in the first part of her exchange year, since January she is working. For the German Newspaper (Schäbische Zeitung) she reports about her experiences.

“The job search was more difficult than I thought it would be. At the beginning I thought with my education and my knowledge for accounting and finance it should not be hard finding a job. However, in the USA is all about connections and recommendations.” says the 24-year old. Through connections, she got an interview in the beginning of November. “I was surprised that the interview was more focused on my interests and desires than what I prior learned about the company.” She had the impression that the company´s guidelines are really lived/used: “Have fun. Be healthy. Do your job”.

Since January, Bianca is an intern in the accounting department of Palmer Holland, a chemical distributor. She is happy: “The office is one level, which has the shape of a donut. Within the big office you´ll find three small golf courses and workstations.

Bianca´s day at work is from 8am to 4:30pm. “I´m trying to use the walk station every other day for about an hour, while I´m working. That´s just amazing for me. But the best at the company is, everybody is treated the same. There´s no difference in dealing with people. One day you may sit next to a temporary, the other day next to the president while at lunch.

Next to the working environment, Bianca also praises the reward system for good and healthy engagement. “The employees are able to collect points during the year for rewards at the end of the year.” In the community kitchen you´ll always meet different people to talk with. “Everybody would catch right away, the employees love their job and feel comfortable.”

Bianca will work with the company until June 30th, after that she will explore the country. At the end of July, all the 75 participants of the program will meet in Washington D.C. to talk about their experiences. Then they will return to Germany. “My time in America is running so fast. I love my life, my host family, and my work. Anyways, I´m also looking forward to see my boyfriend and my family. Furthermore, I´m missing eating in the Fidelisbäck (a German -very good- bakery) to eat delicious German bread”.

Click here to view the original news article in German.

Click here  to download the original news article in German.

Evonik Inorganic Materials Distributor of the Year Awards

Palmer Holland is pleased to announce it is the recipient of two Evonik Inorganic Materials Distributor of the Year awards.

Palmer Holland received an award for Excellence in Sales Growth, Silica and for Excellence in Innovation, Dynasylan®. The awards were distributed at the Evonik Distributor Recognition event at the Georgia Aquarium.

On hand to accept these awards were Bryn Irvine, Chad Leighty, Mark Riemann, Steve St. Jean and Dave Ruggieri. This is the second year in a row Palmer Holland has received such recognition.

Thank you to all the Palmer Holland employees who made this possible.