TOR Minerals International, Inc. Expands Territory with Palmer Holland


Cleveland, OH – September 17, 2019 – Effective immediately, TOR Minerals International, Inc. –a worldwide producer of specialty mineral products – has expanded Palmer Holland’s sales and marketing footprint down the Eastern Seaboard in its entirety.

This expansion builds upon Palmer Holland’s current territory of both the Midwest and Northeastern United States. The specialty products targeted in this expansion include TOR Minerals’ lines of:

  • BARTEX® – barium sulfate with high whiteness and brightness, chemical inertness, and controlled particle sizing
  • HALTEX® – economical, non-toxic, flame retardant & smoke suppressant filler
  • HITOX® – high-quality, cost-effective, buff-colored titanium dioxide pigment produced for use in a broad range of non-white applications
  • TIOPREM® – colored inorganic titanium dioxide pigment used in paints and coatings, including powder coatings & primers

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About TOR Minerals International, Inc.
TOR Minerals seeks to maintain a leading position as a worldwide producer of specialty mineral products through the continual development of high value, cost-effective product solutions designed to satisfy customer-specific requirements. In line with its initiative, the company focuses on strong technical support & flexibility in its plant operations. Working in close cooperation with customers, the Sales/ R&D/ Production team effort is supported by management, which strives to create an open & rewarding environment for achieving success. For more information, please visit the TOR Minerals website at

Your Mainstream Guide to Vitamins and Minerals in Drinks


Drink your vitamins and minerals! Yes, I’ll repeat it for mainstream people, meaning people on the go, drinking their food has fast become the norm. But don’t let these drinks fool you because they pack a lot of punch.

Need some energy boost? Easy! Just look for drinks that have B-vitamins to keep you on the go. Are you looking to detox the body? Gulp some cold-pressed juices that are rich in Vitamins A, C, and E or simply A.C.E. Want to keep your bones strong and healthy, reach for a yogurt smoothie that has potassium, vitamin D, and calcium. Refueling and rehydrating is your choice? Then grab a drink with vitamin B12, magnesium, and potassium.

The key here is understanding your vitamins and minerals to achieve your goal better. A lot of beverage manufacturers are formulating and fortifying their drinks from fermented, brewed, to carbonated water to deliver a healthier and more promising product that is stable all through its shelf-life.

Overcoming Gaps in Nutrition with Vitamins and Minerals in Drinks

When it comes to meeting our daily nutritional needs, according to the US Dietary Guidelines, the emphasis is placed on the consumption of nutrient-dense whole food and drinks. In an ideal world where people don’t make poor food choices, eating whole foods should be enough to support optimum health. Whole foods are the key because the body can not make nutrients and minerals; instead, they have to come from food sources. These are called essential nutrients that play a vital role in daily bodily functions. Since we don’t live in an ideal world, and neither are we always making the right food decisions, obtaining these critical nutrients from fortified food and drinks helps individuals meet their daily nutritional needs.

Carefully Fortified and Crafted Beverages

Technologically challenging, crafting fortified beverages takes a lot of research and knowledge that take into consideration not only the flavors, nutrient content but also the functional nutrients like fiber and protein as well as interactions between ingredients and the overall stability of the product.

Take, for example, the fat-soluble vitamins which are vitamins A, D, E, and K. Since they are soluble only in fat, it presents a challenge to add them to water-based drinks. Vitamins are organic substances and are inherently unstable as a whole. They are very sensitive to oxygen, light, and heat. Thus, processing them and adding them to a drink needs considerable knowledge.

Aside from vitamins, some minerals are used to fortify drinks. Minerals are inorganic and don’t break down quickly when processed. However, interactions between minerals are rampant, and a solid understanding is vital in its usage and fortification of drinks. Further, some minerals boost another mineral’s efficacy. Some form of the minerals are less effective, and the more effective form can be a bit costly, but the most effective form should be of paramount choice.

And lastly, lifestyles and ages of the targeted market are also important. Example, a nutritional beverage targeted for an adult athlete can be toxic to a toddler. That’s why the concept for a fortified drink should be adequately developed with a variety of factors to consider.

Inspired by

Choose GrandFusion® Real Food Vitamins & Minerals for Your Drinks

GrandFusion® fruit and vegetable powders have revolutionized the functional food and beverage marketing by enabling food processors to easily add real vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables without impacting the taste or texture of their end product. Interested in learning more about how we do it? Download our guide to Formulating Functional Foods and Beverages!


NutriFusion-Guide-Functional-Foods-Beverages.pdf (4.4MB)


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Attention all of our northern friends! We're looking for a full-time Account Manager in the Toronto area who is fluent in English and French.

The Account Manager is responsible for selling the business’s products. This is a field sales role. The candidate is expected to reside in the Toronto, Ontario area of Canada and travel to customer locations throughout his/her assigned territory

Job Requirements:

  • Desired Skill: fluency in English and French (reading, writing, speaking).
  • 4 year degree or equivalent in a field applicable to our associated industries.
  • Technical selling experience within Plastics and Coatings additive market(s)
  • Proven sales experience in promotion and marketing of raw materials
  • Self-motivated
  • Professional and prompt
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Ability to drive (Sales)

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