Palmer Holland partners with INEOS Oligomers

Effective May 1, 2013, Palmer Holland is the authorized national distributor of INEOS Oligomers Indopol® line of polybutene (PIB) resins. Polybutene (PIB) resins are used in lubricants, adhesives and sealants, rubber compounding, surface coatings, personal care products and pharmaceuticals.

INEOS Oligomers is a proven leader in the production of specialty chemicals for use in polyethylene, lubricants, fuel additives, surfactants and other specialty materials. It operates five manufacturing sites, three in Europe (Belgium, France and Germany) and two in North America (Alberta, Canada and LaPorte, Texas). INEOS Oligomers strives to improve its environmental performance at each of its sites by working within or towards the internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management.